Raster Vector

Clipping Path provides 100% handmade conversion services from raster to the vector. Raster images are made up of pixels or dots of color that together create a whole image. Raster images can be stored in many different formats but their most important attribute is their resolution or to put it another way. Their level of detail measured in dots per inch (dpi). As higher the resolution, greater the number of pixels and so better the quality. This is important to enlarge something like a logo or graphic, as you will find that unless you have a very high resolution, the quality of the image will significantly deteriorate as you increase the size such resulting in an unprofessional pixilation of the image.

However, our help is at hand from Image Clipping. As your offshore graphic studio, we can provide raster to vector conversion – allowing you to deploy your pictures in any context and at whatever size you like. Vector files Unlike a raster image which saves a picture as a series of pixels store information as a series of instructions. Consequently, as vector based images are mathematical and are not stored as a picture, they can easily be reproduced at whatever size you wish without any deterioration in quality. In addition, as the files are smaller in size, they are ideal for use on websites.

Clipping Path’s highly-skilled operatives have been given specifical training to use Adobe’s powerful Illustrator programmer to convert your images from raster to vector. By manually tracing the image, we use our cutting-edge technology and we ensure that your vectorised image maintains a level of detail and authenticity that is true to the natural look of the original. Programmed which claim to automatically vectorised images have no possibility of creating the sort of quality that you need in a publishing environment. We can provide a level of forensic detail that will pass even the most fastidious scrutiny and can tailor the end result to your requirements even modifying and improving elements of the original image if you choose that.

Vector images can be saved in a wide variety of file formats like from DXF and SVG to CDR and AI. We can export files in any format that you require and will be happy to advise which file is most suitable for your needs. Significantly, our Clipping Path can provide vectorization services at a rate considerably more competitive than that found in Europe or America and because we have over 120 graphic designers and operatives and we provide a prompt and efficient service whatever the time of day or night.