About IRV

Through this process the organization trying to participate to formulate a holistic, transformational development approaches. It has been taking national and local level initiatives for poor, marginal & small farmers, fisher Folk, indigenous, and Sundarbans depended community. Besides, direct field interventions IRV organizing network with different like-minded individual, organizations, forums and also providing support for capacity building, developing information network, conducting research, campaign and civil society mobilization. IRV also engaged in program design, program development, documentation, monitoring and evaluation. The organization strives to develop and maintain active links with local, national and international institutions, forum and networks in achieving its objectives.

In fact, it was not only a gigantic task but also highly challenging as in the mean time conflicting vested interested group evolved. Anyway IRV has been advancing patiently harnessing supports, blessings, assistance and guidance from various segment of the society. IRV always keeps this in mind with appropriate adoration.