Welcome to United B.Sc Engineering College


Introduction and Formation:

Modern world tremendously depends on technology. The importance of science, technology and engineering education is growing rapidly in Bangladesh as a part of this modern world to make itself economically and socially developed. In coming years, there will be huge career opportunities for technologists and engineers not only in the country but also in abroad, specially in the process of making digital Bangladesh. But there are not enough educational institutions in Bangladesh specially in Rajshahi for providing quality engineering education to create such professionals.

Considering this issue, some experienced teachers, engineers and other people devoted to education decided to introduce “United B.Sc Engineering College” for ensuring quality engineering education in Rajshahi.

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  • Producing skilled man power in the country.
  • Creating opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship.
  • meeting the increasing demand of technological and engineering education in the country.
  • Creating awareness and interest among students and their guardians in technological, engineering and technical education.
  • Producing sufficient and efficient engineering professionals against the increasing working positions for them not only in the country but also in abroad.
  • This institution will contribute to the increasing demand of skilled engineers for the expanding IT sector of Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh needs more engineering professionals for industrial decentralization. This institution will provide such professionals to the industrial sector.
  • The institution will prepare experts who will shape the idea of digital Bangladesh.