Message from Chairman

chairmenIt is my pleasure to welcome the students who want to achieve excellence in B.Sc engineering courses . United BSC Engineering College is ready to give opportunities to the students who are interested and enthusiastic about engineering education. I believe all three departments (computer science and engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and civil engineering) of our college are enriched enough to provide desired quality education to the students. We aim to create skilled and efficient professionals who will be able to put their best mark with the achieved knowledge from our  institution.

I really hope that our institution and our highly qualified teachers will help our students in every possible way to get them to their best. We will create an environment where students will feel free to do research and create new possibilities not only for themselves but also for the nation.

We want to build an ideal engineering institution where students will be able to learn the newest technologies and they will have the opportunity to take career advice from experienced teachers. Our regular classes, tests, open discussions will help the students to grow themselves gradually. Again, our rich libraries and laboratories will highly benefit their learning process. I really hope that by the end of every course every student will be confident enough to take up any challenge.

We are starting our journey with a view to providing the best possible quality engineering education in Rajshahi. I would like to thank and appreciate the students who want to take the journey with us. I also want to thank all the concerned people of the institution.


December 4, 2016

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